Senior Ruby on Rails

Full-time | Hybrid | Philippines
Posted on 09/4/2023

Job Description

ZigZag is looking for a Ruby on Rails Engineers to join our team!

Our client is looking for a Ruby on Rails Engineers responsible for maintaining their backend services serving users on mobile(iOS/Android) and web (React) applications.

Your primary focus will be development of server-side logic to fulfill new feature requirements and maintaining existing services, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to request from the front-end client’s partners/customers.

Essentially, they need someone with knack of writing clean, readable Ruby code.

About the Client

Our client founded in 2014 by Australian TV host who fell in love with the power of social media after helping build the most engaged Facebook brand page in the country. Our client discovered that for the price of one sponsored post from a celebrity, fashion blogger or YouTuber, you could enlist 50 micro-influencers.

For the same price you’d reach more people, total engagement would be far higher and instead of having one piece of content to repurpose, you’d have 50!

But, since no one has time to manage 50 influencers manually, our client designed an app. It’s goal? You guessed it: to unlock the world’s creativity.



Senior engineers thrive on new challenges and are never intimidated by something unfamiliar to them. They are passionate about their work and gain genuine enjoyment from seeing projects through, from start to finish.

  • Collaborate with Product, Designer and QA and peers to during story grooming sessions to thoroughly scrutinize business requirements and provide good estimates.
  • Design and build efficient, resilient, secure and maintainable solutions to the business problems from the perspective of Software Reliability Engineering (SRE). In order to adhere to those qualities, one must become familiar with three pillars (metrics, traces and logs) of Observability and use necessary tools.
  • Ensure that code quality is maintained to a very high standard using available tools (code linters etc.) and following best practices for backend and frontend code base.
  • Ensure that software upgrades for security fixes are applied and keep unto date.
  • Ensure that every change for the new feature or enhancement request has got really good test coverage. The tests written must be maintainable and readable. Essentially, they should document the code (TDD)
  • Follow the CI/CD process for development and release to Production.
  • As the business requirements change and evolve, the code behind services will become complex. So, it required that along with bringing about the necessary code change documentation must be kept up to date and any key architectural decisions are documented on project wikis.
  • Take a lead in promoting the best engineering practices and identify the opportunities for improvement for the same in the existing codebase and architecture.
  • As a senior engineer you thrive when faced with challenges and are comfortable venturing into unfamiliar territories
  • As a senior engineer you must always keep customer satisfaction at center of your work
  • As a Senior Engineer you must be passionate about your work and gain genuine enjoyment from seeing projects through, from start to finish.


Required Skills

  • A deep understanding of all stages of the software development cycle in an Agile methodology. This is essential to understand the role a Senior Engineer plays and how it contributes to the end product in the hands of the customer.
  • Must have strong grounding in Ruby language along with its ecosystem.
  • Must have solid understanding of CI/CD process and pipelines and tools (Build kite, GitHub Actions etc.)
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming and good knowledge of SOLID design principles, design patterns and Law of Demeter
  • Experience in Mocking, TDD and able to write good readable and maintainable unit tests.
  • Good understanding of REST based architecture and experience in building and maintaining RESTful API
  • Able to create and change database schemas that represent and support business processes
  • Experience with docker based deployment and familiarity with AWS based technologies (ECS(Fargate), ECR, RDS, S3, ALB, Lambda) and docker based containerization
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools like Git and workflows based on GitHub


Preferred but not essential

  • Understanding of releasing with Feature Toggles
  • Experience with Scrum, JIRA, Slack
  • Monitoring tools like Datadog
  • Error monitoring tools like Rollbar, Airbrake etc
  • Experience with building and supporting micro-services
  • Understanding of Frontend tools and libraries(React, NextJS, Typescript, testing libraries Jest, ReactTest)
  • Experience with event streaming platform Kafka (on AWS or any other PaaS) and its supporting technologies like Schema Registry, Avro etc
  • Experience with integrating 3rd party services like Stripe, Cloudinary etc.
  • Familiarity with Devops practices and culture.


Job Opening Status:

PhP 180,000 – P200,000


Work Experience:
2+ years




More than just a job.

ZigZag values our people more than anything else.



We reward our people with health benefits like no other. Get your HMO on your first month with coverage up to PhP250,000


We strongly believe on growth and sustainability. You will not be an order taker with us, we plan and make sure that you are headed to a successful career.


We provide webinars to help you boost your productivity and overall wellness. Be it about eating healthy or mental health, we will be there to support.


We reward the ones who are deserving and we recognize good work. We give performance bonuses on top of perks and

Competitive Pay

ZigZag provides some of the most competitive compensation to the most competitive talents. We make sure that you get rewarded for your skills and experience.


We offer the flexibility of work setup. Be it onsite, remote, or hybrid, you have an option. Our offices are built to be conducive for your performance. (T&C apply)

What’s next?

  • Submit your application.
  • An email from our Recruitment team if your application matches our requirements.
  • Assessments
  • Final Interview
  • Job offer and contract

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