About Us

The Zigzag Offshoring Story so far,


How we started

ZigZag Offshoring started over 7 years ago as a back-office support in Manila for our Advertising Agency in Brisbane. We started with web developers, graphic designers, data miners and customer care support.

Since then, we have grown a lot and now provide an easy and affordable offshoring solution for our clients.

“We started as a back office so we know what you need.”

What we do

​ZigZag Offshoring has created a fully serviced office for businesses who are ready to grow offshore. There isn’t just one fit for all businesses, so we offer A-Z of offshoring to best suit your business.

We have 40+ Offshoring clients with over 320 staff supporting businesses in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Singapore, China, Hawaii and Japan.

​ZigZag Offshoring is now one of the leading providers of​ ​​Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Offshoring services in the Philippines.

We are focused on providing value to our clients by offering quality staff who are English proficient professionals with specialised skills.

​If you are looking for an Offshoring Partner not an Offshoring Supplier …think ZigZag Offshoring.

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